Joel on Software

A while back, I’ve found a really cool blog. Do you know Stack Overflow? Well, Joey’s one of the founding fathers and Joel on Software is his blog.

Raytracing is Here! and Review Farms (TWIL) What does passive income and making money while sleeping actually mean. #biz AI as a sign language teacher. #ML Average color from each frame in a movie and into a poster. #art

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Are you Level Designer Looking for a Job? & Cover Systems in Games (TWIL) Mike Bithell’s advice for job applications: level designer edition. #work #LevelDesign — Roman Lukš (@RomanLuks) October 14, 2018 Calculating number of copies sold to break even. #gamedev Is it wise to invest in the stock market when the market at an all-time high? #investing How to write email subjects and article titles to get more clicks? […]

INDIESCHMOCALYPSE and Fashion Souls Eliminating boredom during the matchmaking process. #gamedev Generate story plots like “A vampire makes it big by playing basketball”. #writing Structured analysis of the narrative elements of games. #gamedev Nice elementary video how to draw a stylized owl. #creative