How to Pitch Your Game and Thief Light Gem Mechanics
Both Xbox and PlayStation offer subscriptions with free games each month. How do they compensate developers?
A 6-second trailer for every Steam game that’s launched.
Chocolate Milka has a new flat design. Cow is facing the other way, the logo has no shadow, mountains are less detailed.
Checklist for a gamedev conference. (
Write about decentralized cloud computing and earn up to 200 USD.
How to pitch your game?
“1-2 page outline explaining the basic gameplay, story and visuals.
Be sure to include target platforms and links to other games you’ve developed.”
API for creating, distributing, and managing physical and virtual cards.
How to take back your productivity with No Meeting Wednesday.
How Thief calculates how much is the player lit (light gem mechanics). Inspecting code.



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