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Perfect Size for Social Media Pics and Discord Tweaks (TWIL)

https://theinfosphere.org/List_of_title_captions All the texts at the beginning of Futurama series https://hackernoon.com/why-ai-will-bring-an-explosion-of-new-jobs-11dc203890b Slightly longer read about AI and evolution of technology and human society https://brilliant.org/wiki/negative-integer-number-base/ Just like there is a binary and decimal system, there can be numbers with negative base

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How to collaborate in Unity team and Horses were faster than cars (TWIL)

https://www.airbnb.com/events Airbnb for Events https://qz.com/1245933/twenty-years-ago-netflix-com-launched-the-movie-business-has-never-been-the-same/ Netflix is 20 years old! And coincidentally it was founded on the Judgment Day when Skynet is activated and becomes self-aware. https://growthlab.com/evergreen-funnel/ Automate emails and sell Every week I read a bunch of articles, watch

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PUBG Ransomware and Benefits of Smoking (TWIL)

http://www.chido-fajny.com/2017/06/praga-district-warsaw-dangerous-district-capital.html There is “Prague” district in Warsaw http://jamie-wong.com/post/color/ Color: From Hexcodes to Eyeballs https://blog.kissmetrics.com/get-traffic-without-google/ Various ways how to get traffic (eg. SlideShare, HARO, 2k long blog posts) Every week I read a bunch of articles, watch videos, chat with people,

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Several Lists of Youtubers and Livestreamers

I have collected several different lists of Youtubers and Livestreamers.

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WTH! at GDS2017

I only managed to visit a few talks during the GDS 2017. We had a desk in the Indie Expo section with our game WesTurn and that was a bit busy. Nevertheless, here are my notes from one of the

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