Choosing a Suitable Game Engine

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Digisemestr #12 (2019-05-11) – CRO, AB Testing, UX & Email Tweaking

This is lesson number 12 of Czech digital marketing course Digisemestr. Sit back and enjoy 🙂

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Digisemestr #11 (2019-05-04) – Digital Strategy

I’ve been getting slower and slower with writing and publishing my Digisemestr articles. At one point, I was finalizing my article during a Saturday morning car ride on bumby D1 highway from Brno to Prague. I was determined to publish notes from the lessons each week. I failed. The last (13th) Digisemestr lesson took place on the 18th of May. It’s already June and I’m only starting to write about the 11th lesson…

Better late than never?!

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ACE! Report from Agile Conference in Krakow

Conference: ACE! Agile Software Development & Product Management

ACE conference took place in Krakow, Poland. It was raining the entire time. The venue, cinema Multikino, felt nice and cozy.

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Digisemestr #10 (2019-04-27) – Customer care + Jindrich Faborsky

I’m studying digital marketing and attending Digisemestr on Saturdays in Prague. Why? Let me know if there are any mistakes, thanks!

This lesson is focused on customer care and loyalty programs. And Jindrich Faborsky, the father of Digisemestr, the man behind Marketing Festival and Reshoper, talks about his experience as conferences organizer.

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Digisemestr #9 (2019-04-20) – Content marketing & Copywriting

Digisemestr: The easter edition is here. Our lecture room felt a bit deserted this time. Nevertheless, some nerds still came to hear about digital marketing. And took some notes. And then blog about it. And now they might make some mistakes. Please, let me know if there are any, thanks!

This lesson is mostly about content marketing.

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