How to Play Max Payne on Windows 10

So I watched this video:

And it got me a *sweet tooth* to play some Max Payne myself.

It’s on Steam and naturally, it was already in my library. It installed incredibly fast. Disk size of older games is laughingly small.
Tweaked the settings to the max (pun intended) and launched the game. Got into the main menu. Started a new game.

There was no sound in the cutscene!

What now?!

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How Riot Deals with Cheaters in LoL and Create Your Own Font (TWIL)
Lena Söderberg transmitted over MP3. #audio
A series on modeling in game design. #gamedev
Why players murder Sims? #gamedev

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Are you Level Designer Looking for a Job? & Cover Systems in Games (TWIL)
Calculating number of copies sold to break even. #gamedev
Is it wise to invest in the stock market when the market at an all-time high? #investing
How to write email subjects and article titles to get more clicks? #marketing

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Producer Requirements Mindmap

This is what happens when you take requirements for more than 60 game producer job offers and wordcloud-ify them.

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Saving Internet for the Future Generations One Page at a Time

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