How to Check Post Before Sharing It on Social Networks

Do you sometimes want to share a post on your favorite social network and it loads irrelevant thumbnail or doesn’t load thumbnail image at all? If this happens with your own content you can try inspecting using these validators to find the cause: https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator https://www.linkedin.com/post-inspector/inspect/ https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

How to Backup Easily with Robocopy in Windows

I have been using Beyond Compare to backup my files for a while and decided to try out Robocopy. Don’t get me wrong Beyond Compare (BC) is a pretty cool software and I will still use it for its primary function ie. compare folders and files. However, Robocopy has some advantages over BC when used as a backup software.

How to Pin to Start a Python Script in Windows 10

I have a small script in Python which opens a random folder on my data drive. This is my dumb way of finding opportunities for cleaning up data. Anyway, I wanted to pin it to Start to make it easily accessible. I don’t use desktop icons at all so having a desktop shortcut wouldn’t work for me. When you right-click […]

Imaginary Stand-up Ball

Is your scrum team working remotely? Are your stand-ups getting stale? Imaginary Stand-up Ball (ISB) is a tiny project I’ve put together to make remote stand-ups less mundane and repetitive. In collocated teams, one way of doing stand-up is when members stand in a circle and each team member provides the status update. The order in which people speak is […]