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Digisemestr #3 (2019-03-09)

I’m studying Digisemestr and blogging every week to help me memorize it all. What’s Digisemestr? It’s a prestigious semester study of digital marketing happening every Saturday. And what are learning there? To name a few: SEO, Link building, PPC, RTB,

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Digisemestr #2 (2019-03-02)

Digisemestr is prestigious semester study of digital marketing. What are we learning about? SEO, Link building, PPC, RTB, Retargeting, Social media, Marketing tools, Analytics, Branding, Copywriting, Content marketing, NPS, Loyalty programs, Marketing strategy, CRO, A/B testing, UX, Emailing, Growth hacking

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Gamedev jobs at Paladin Studios

Paladin Studios are looking for a couple of new colleagues: Game Designer Level Designer Senior Game Designer Unity Developer HR Manager Product Owner Unity Developer Check it out here: Careers

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Digisemestr #1 (2019-02-23)

What is Digisemestr? And why am I writing about it? I’ve been feeling school sick lately. It’s just like homesick, but instead of missing your home you miss your school. You say: Preposterous! But is it, really? See the Dictionary.

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Humble Book Bundle: Break into the Game Industry

Wanna make games for a living? This Humble Book Bundle might be just the thing for you .) Get it here:  

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