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Why are Rabbits Weird & The Google Cemetery (TWIL) How to inform players about a new feature. #gamedev One of my friends has created a Steam page for his upcoming game. Check it out, it’s pretty good Portal-like puzzle game. #fun Comment on Unforeseen Consequences, A

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Get a Job – Augmented Reality Prototyper at Ubiquity6

Experience Required: 3+ years shipping software features in a personal or professional capacity with a focus on “look and feel”. Experience building a small experience end to end completely on your own. Experience rapidly building volumes of prototypes over short

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lolcommits & Convert Sketches to HTML (TWIL) Applying for a job in the gamedev industry without experience in the gamedev industry. #work Free books and guides from Intercom about #PM, #Sales, #UX, etc. S-shaped ROI curve for ML projects. #ML Trailer specs for

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Clever Exploit in Spelunk and Pokemon or Big Data? (TWIL) Half-Life 2 postmortem – design process, workflows. #PM System Usability Scale, an alternative to NPS. #UX Law describing how two rival armies get smaller as they sustain casualties. #know

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How to Play Max Payne on Windows 10

So I watched this video: And it got me a *sweet tooth* to play some Max Payne myself. It’s on Steam and naturally, it was already in my library. It installed incredibly fast. Disk size of older games is laughingly

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