Roborock Drink Delivery

App prototype


How would an actual robot vacuum deliver a drink to a user?

I stumbled upon a UX design task within the Apps Lab course application. It encouraged designers to choose their favorite app, come up with a new feature, design wireframes and mockup screen, and create icons/UI elements as needed.

I decided to tackle this task as a practice exercise and I chose Roborock app because I ❤️ my robot vacuum.

The new featured would be “drink delivery” inspired by Star Wars (R2-D2 carrying drinks on Jabba’s jacht).


Real life robot vacuum delivers a refreshing can of Cola

I posted this video online on April Fools 🙂


Explorative research

I interviewed a potential user, explored vending machines and experimented with attaching drinks on the robot vacuum.

I wanted to understand:

  • What sequence of steps users expect from the feature?
  • What drinks with what options users expect?
  • In what situation would users order a drink?

I interviewed a single user for this fun project. In the real world, I’d interview at least 5 people.

Early whiteboard doodles

Based on the research, I abandoned hot drinks and focused solely on refrigerated soft drinks, specifically Coca-Cola sleek cans. This simplified the design of the app, docking station and drink holder.

Sketching and wireframing

I sketched different variants of screens for each step of the feature sequence to explore possible designs. Then, I made lo-fi wireframes and consulted my friend, UX Designer, to get feedback.

Wireframe of Drink delivered screen

Mockup and app prototype

I made mockups of each screen.

Mockup of Drink delivered screen

Finally, I created an interactive prototype with animations.



Key learnings

Practiced Adobe XD & Took Adobe XD course.

UX Designer feedback was invaluable, significantly improving the project.

User interview was essential for making design decisions with confidence.

Other takeaways:

  • Overcoming the chicken and egg problem requires learning that only comes form exploration and experimentation.
  • Tried Fiverr for the very first time to get a robot voice and a docking station model used in the video.
  • Learned how to extract Roborock pkg files.
  • Filming without cuts is hard.

Robot with custom-made drink holder attachment

It was a joy working on this and seeing it all come together. Thanks everyone who participated! 🥳

App design, mockup & video: Roman Luks
Robot voice: dallynbrunck (fiverr)
Sketches for 3D modeling: shakthi_97 (fiverr)
3D modeling and rendering: isolutions111 (fiverr)
Consultation: David, Natasa, Tereza, Tom

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