How to extract Roborock pkg files?

Hi there! Do you want to play around with the original Roborock voices?

You can get the voice packs here:

You might stumble when trying to unpack pkg files. Even though there are guides online how to open pkg files with Easy 7-Zip and similar tools, it won’t help you. Why? Because of encryption.

Remove the encryption

Get ccrypt.

Remove the encryption with this command (an example with en.pkg file):

ccrypt -d en.pkg

It will ask you for a password. Enter “r0ckrobo#23456” (without quotes).

Extract the files

Now, with the encryption removed you can open the pkg file with 7-Zip, WinRAR or similar tool.

The file inside the archive doesn’t have any extension but it’s a .tar file. Yes, they put archive inside an archive!

You can open it in the directly in the 7-Zip or similar tool by double-clicking on it.

Extract the audio files and profit.



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