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Digisemestr #10 (2019-04-27) – Customer care + Jindrich Faborsky

I’m studying digital marketing and attending Digisemestr on Saturdays in Prague. Why? Let me know if there are any mistakes, thanks! This lesson is focused on customer care and loyalty programs. And Jindrich Faborsky, the father of Digisemestr, the man behind Marketing Festival and Reshoper, talks about his experience as conferences organizer.

How to Pitch Your Game and Thief Light Gem Mechanics

http://askagamedev.tumblr.com/post/176521288651/both-x-box-and-playstation-offer-subscriptions Both Xbox and PlayStation offer subscriptions with free games each month. How do they compensate developers? https://twitter.com/MicroTrailers A 6-second trailer for every Steam game that’s launched. https://www.designtagebuch.de/milka-im-neuen-design/ Chocolate Milka has a new flat design. Cow is facing the other way, the logo has no shadow, mountains are less detailed. https://blog.asmartbear.com/tradeshow-tips-checklist.html Checklist for a gamedev […]

The Business of Indie Games Summit

Just a quick post. Are you interested in video games development? You might wanna check out https://businessofindiegames.com/. There are a few interesting talks from people like: DOM MATTHEWS (Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice) AMIR RAO (Bastion, Pyre & Transistor) MORGAN JAFFIT (HAND OF FATE 2) JAKE BIRKETT (Shadowhand) TIM RUSWICK – GAME DEV UNDERGROUND … and then […]

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