Game Names Analysis and How to Write Product Descriptions
PUBG viva la transparency – website for public roadmap and bug fixing progress.
Red Dead Redemption 2 lookin’ good.
Fine-grain difficulty setting in the new Tomb Raider game (individual combat, exploration and puzzle difficulties).
Fresh asphalt is sometimes sprinkled with white tiny stones called chip seal for a couple of reasons (one being to provide a highly skid-resistant surface).
Indie Game Marketing Notes by u/chicken_ramen_games

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Release Your Game On Friday

Wait? What?!

You might say: “I read this blog all the time and I’m quite confident you said earlier we SHOULDN’T release game on Friday?”

Yeah, yeah I know. You mean this article:

Do not launch your game on Friday

All the things mentioned in the article are still valid.

But it seems that busy weekend might be actually worth it.


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How to Pitch Your Game and Thief Light Gem Mechanics
Both Xbox and PlayStation offer subscriptions with free games each month. How do they compensate developers?
A 6-second trailer for every Steam game that’s launched.
Chocolate Milka has a new flat design. Cow is facing the other way, the logo has no shadow, mountains are less detailed.
Checklist for a gamedev conference.

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How Much Does it Cost to Make a Video Game?
The 7 Factors to Consider When Pricing Your Startup’s Product
Curves and movement gifs, great reference!
Flipbook effect in Unity
A couple of interesting lists of games – eg. Excellent Games That Deserve to Be All-time Classics but Aren’t Well-known Enough

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