How Much Does it Cost to Make a Video Game?
The 7 Factors to Consider When Pricing Your Startup’s Product
Curves and movement gifs, great reference!
Flipbook effect in Unity
A couple of interesting lists of games – eg. Excellent Games That Deserve to Be All-time Classics but Aren’t Well-known Enough
Trello Team Playbooks are example trello boards for various purposes – marketing, product management, personal productivity or sales. Neat.
How much it cost to make a video game?
Few examples:
Gears of War $12.000.000
Shovel Knight $350,000 (first version)
The Binding of Isaac $12,000
Story Mapping, Visual Way of Building Product Backlog – a bunch of tips and practices how to organize your kanban boards
Unity 2018.2 is out with C# Job System, ECS (Entity Component System), Burst Compiler, Shader Graph, Texture Mipmap Streaming, Pixel Perfect Camera, Hexagonal Tilemaps, Support for .java and .cpp source files as plugins, Recorder 1.0, Google Play Instant Games Plugin and more improvement. And they finally ditch UnityScript (JavaScript)!