Eliminating boredom during the matchmaking process. #gamedev
Generate story plots like “A vampire makes it big by playing basketball”. #writing
Structured analysis of the narrative elements of games. #gamedev
Nice elementary video how to draw a stylized owl. #creative
Lessons from failed startups. No more survivorship bias. #biz
Are you from Denmark? Wanna draw, design, animate or vfx for games? These courses might be for you. #creative
Would you like a paper coffin? You’ll find the paper template right here: #craft []
Website with pitch decks of various startups. Wanna check out original pitch of Uber back when it was called UberCab? Here you go: []
What about Buffer? []
Airbnb. [] #biz
Resilient scalable database. #dev
Simple step-by-step tutorial about the blockchain technology. #blockchain
Indiepocalypse? More like INDIESCHMOCALYPSE! post backed by data from Adam Coster. #gamedev
How to take care of backlog – basically to get inputs for items in the backlog, prioritize them, estimate them, etc.#pm
Great article about intelligent assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. Some users find them creepy, some childish. #tech
How to distinguish clickable elements on web page? #UX
10 general principles for interaction design (eg. visible system status, error prevention, instructions for use should be visible). #UX
Leverage meetup to meet your potential target audience when doing research for your startup idea. #MKT
Bunch of different asset allocation strategies (eg. Classic 60-40, The Coward’s Portfolio, No-Brainer Portfolio or The Permanent Portfolio). #finance
UGC. Fashion Souls is a term used to describe aesthetically pleasing and cosplay outfits that show player creativity in approaching builds in Dark Souls 3 (and of course there is a subreddit r/fashionsouls/!). #gamedev


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