Raytracing is Here! and Review Farms (TWIL)

What does passive income and making money while sleeping actually mean. #biz

AI as a sign language teacher. #ML

Average color from each frame in a movie and into a poster. #art

3D Character Animation from a Single Photo. #AR

Email avalanche at Microsoft. #fun

AI beats humans in Starcraft 2. #ML

So You Want To Compete With Steam: Epic, Discord, Kartridge, and RobotCache #biz

Hearthstone Pupdate – pets friendly gamedev! #pm

First game that is entirely raytraced. #games

Lord of the Rings inspired by Plato’s story about a farmer and the ring of invisibility. #fun

CSS illustrations. #creative

Review farm to manipulate ranking. #biz

The most popular JavaScript Weekly links of 2018 #dev

Boss game design lessons from GDC. #gamedev

Almost 2,800 designers shared their best tools and workflows. #UX

Simple infographic about death. #know
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