Front-end design for 2 services

Our team at Red Hat maintains a couple of internally facing services (called ODCS and CTS). Not everyone is familiar with the fact that these services run in the back-end. Sometimes people would visit the URL in their browser and wouldn’t be able to load any page. Then they would report particular service isn’t working.

Original pages

This is why simple HTML page was created for each service to serve as a front-end. Content-wise it’s a very basic page with only the name, description and links. Originally, design-wise only a raw HTML was used without any CSS.

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Roborock Drink Delivery

Remember when R2-D2 worked as a waiter onboard Jabba’s yacht? Let me jog your memory:

See? R2-D2 is working real hard to make everyone feel refreshed with a cool drink. Afternoons on Tatooine can get pretty hot.

Now a lot of you probably already have a droid (aka robot vacuum) at home and might be asking: “Don’t I also deserve the same level of service? I work hard, pay my taxes and recycle.”

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Coding Horror

Coding Horror is a great read written by Jeff Atwood, the co-founder of Stack Overflow. I’ve organized interesting posts into loose categories such as Dev (ie. software engineering), UX, security and other topics.

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