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  • Coding Horror

    Coding Horror

    Coding Horror is a great read written by Jeff Atwood, the co-founder of Stack Overflow. I’ve organized interesting posts into loose categories such as Dev (ie. software engineering), UX, security and other topics.

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  • Javascript Link Distinguisher (JLD)

    Javascript Link Distinguisher (JLD)

    I made this user script for Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey back in 2016. Browsers don’t distinguish between simple links to an URL and links that contain javascript. All links use the same style. It can be confusing for a user. This script is an attempt to reduce user confusion when browsing the web.

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  • Visual Story Points for Jira

    Visual Story Points for Jira

    Story points dialogue window in Jira is boring. Just look at this: Does it spark joy? No! What’s worse, it doesn’t provide any hint on what values are expected! What are users supposed to input? With input field such as this one, it could be anything – string, number, …

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  • Games Reseller

    Games Reseller

    The exercise project from Usability/Interaction Design course at FH OOE. Date: 2015Team: Fabian Achammer & Roman Luks The aim of this project was to practice what we learned during course lessons. First, we picked the topic (website of a games reseller), then we researched existing solutions, came up with personas, created different sketches in Balsamiq, […]

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  • Usability evaluation of archive.org (2015)

    Usability evaluation of archive.org (2015)

    During my studies at FH OOE I took a class on Usability/Interaction Design. The first task was to evaluate a website using guidelines (Mack & Nielsen). We were supposed to evaluate a (really) bad one but I wanted to try it on archive.org because I love what they do. Maybe my evaluation could help make […]

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