Embed Twine WordPress Plugin

From the very beginning, I wanted “About me” page on my WordPress website romanluks.eu to be interactive. At first, I’ve experimented with Dart, programming language developed by Google which transcompiles into JavaScript. I killed the project when I realized I was making a game instead of About me page. A bit later, I’ve discovered Twine […]

Analysis: What are the Job Requirements for a Game Producer?

In this article, I’ll try to answer which are the necessary skills for a game producer. Ask a Game Dev has insightful article what does the job of producer entail: “The producer’s primary role is to get the game to ship.” So what skills does this job require? Here is how to find out: Subscribe […]


Theme of the game jam was “You must gather your party before venturing forth”. So we figured why not literally “gather” your collegue so you can enjoy your lunch together? Game made during GameDev Area Marmalade #1 Date: 2016 Technology: Unity Team “Hot Shots!”: Antonín “Tonda” Hojný (programming) Miriama Tábiová (graphics) Stanislav Láznička (programming, writing) […]