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  • Grocery Delivery – User Flow

    Grocery Delivery – User Flow

    I’m on a quest for projects to practice my UX skills. UX Tools website offers a decent amount of UX Challenges for practicing with real-world exercises. Each challenge comes with a scenario, task itself, hand-picked tutorials and list of tools you can use. I picked User Flow challenge because…

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  • Relax (video recordings)

    Relax (video recordings)

    Hello friend, stop for a minute and just enjoy the following videos:

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  • Front-end design for 2 services

    Front-end design for 2 services

    Our team at Red Hat maintains a couple of internally facing services (called ODCS and CTS). Not everyone is familiar with the fact that these services run in the back-end. Sometimes people would visit the URL in their browser and wouldn’t be able to load any page. Then they would report particular service isn’t working. […]

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  • Embed Twine UX improvement

    Embed Twine UX improvement

    Embed Twine is a WordPress plugin I made that makes it easy to add Twine stories on WordPress pages and posts without having to insert the code manually. Recently, I finished The Psychology of UI Design and Website UX Reviews: First Impressions with Paul Boag. When I watched it I was on a look out […]

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  • Roborock Drink Delivery

    Roborock Drink Delivery

    Remember when R2-D2 worked as a waiter onboard Jabba’s yacht? Let me jog your memory: See? R2-D2 is working real hard to make everyone feel refreshed with a cool drink. Afternoons on Tatooine can get pretty hot. Now a lot of you probably already have a droid (aka robot vacuum) at home and might be […]

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