Are you Level Designer Looking for a Job? & Cover Systems in Games (TWIL) Mike Bithell’s advice for job applications: level designer edition. #work #LevelDesign — Roman Lukš (@RomanLuks) October 14, 2018 Calculating number of copies sold to break even. #gamedev Is it wise to invest in the stock market when the market at an all-time high? #investing How to write email subjects and article titles to get more clicks? […]

How to Spot a Scammy Streamer and Penumbra Postmortem (TWIL) Each of the major video game platforms has different video specifications for trailers; if your trailer doesn’t comply, you can waste valuable time re-submitting. #marketing “ETFs show strength when sums are invested in larger amounts because the flat transaction fee becomes an increasingly small percentage of the amount invested.” #fin Interactive online documentation for developers. #dev […]

Which Project Management Tool is the Best for Gamedev and Game Mechanics Explained (TWIL) List of level designers working on Thief and Thief 2 games. #leveldesign Cool little program to record region of your screen as well as audio. It’s also available via Chocolatey (what’s that? read my post: Sweet Delicious Chocolatey). #software Series of articles going deep into safe withdrawal rates. #finance

INDIESCHMOCALYPSE and Fashion Souls Eliminating boredom during the matchmaking process. #gamedev Generate story plots like “A vampire makes it big by playing basketball”. #writing Structured analysis of the narrative elements of games. #gamedev Nice elementary video how to draw a stylized owl. #creative

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