How to Spot a Scammy Streamer and Penumbra Postmortem (TWIL)
Each of the major video game platforms has different video specifications for trailers; if your trailer doesn’t comply, you can waste valuable time re-submitting. #marketing
“ETFs show strength when sums are invested in larger amounts because the flat transaction fee becomes an increasingly small percentage of the amount invested.” #fin
Interactive online documentation for developers. #dev #fun
TierZoo channel on Youtube. Life on earth as a video game – patches, balancing, skill trees, abilities, UI IRL and all that. #fun
Excellent series of articles (and lessons) about investing in stocks. #fin
Enables companies to print and send postcards, letters, etc. with an API. #tech
Article for Product Managers about leadership, communication and cooperation with programmers. #PM
When it comes to actually getting things done and making progress in the areas that are important to you, there is a much better way to do things instead of setting goals. #goals
The surprising connection between software iteration and jet fighter dogfights. #agile
Advice on how to check if someone is scamming you (pretending to be a streamer). #marketing
Penumbra postmortem by Tom Jubert, narrative designer / writer. #gamedev
Tom Jubert, the writer for Penumbra series gives advice on how to hire a writer. #gamedev
This kit is designed to help you begin or improve your investing journey (eg. how to rebalance your portfolio). #fin
Story about Paul Singer, the guy who makes countries pay their debt to him. #fin
Kaspersky Lab’s products might be compromised. #tech
Concentrated light / optical effect (eg. on the seafloor) is called caustic. #know


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