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Which Project Management Tool is the Best for Gamedev and Game Mechanics Explained (TWIL)

http://www.digital-eel.com/zdim/stuff/TDPdesign.htm List of level designers working on Thief and Thief 2 games. #leveldesign http://blog.bahraniapps.com/vclip/ Cool little program to record region of your screen as well as audio. It’s also available via Chocolatey (what’s that? read my post: Sweet Delicious Chocolatey).

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Let Robots Handle Your Meetings and How to Write Email Subject Lines

http://prostheticknowledge.tumblr.com/post/176159819506/outside-short-video-by-vladimir-tomin-is-a Imagining the real world manipulated through software interfaces by Vladimir Tomin https://www.pureref.com/ Tool for organizing reference images for creatives

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Random chocolatey software

Recently, I was installing a couple of programs using Chocolatey and stumbled upon a few interesting tools. Here you go: https://chocolatey.org/packages/textify https://chocolatey.org/packages/runasdate https://chocolatey.org/packages/speedyfox https://chocolatey.org/packages/webcookiessniffer https://chocolatey.org/packages/autocomplete https://chocolatey.org/packages/allpairs https://chocolatey.org/packages/svgcleaner https://chocolatey.org/packages/dropboxifier https://chocolatey.org/packages/SuperCollider https://chocolatey.org/packages/vclip https://chocolatey.org/packages/pcsx2 https://chocolatey.org/packages/clumsy https://chocolatey.org/packages/wavesurfer https://chocolatey.org/packages/reddit-wallpaper-changer https://chocolatey.org/packages/skyfonts https://chocolatey.org/packages/cheatengine https://chocolatey.org/packages/cemu https://chocolatey.org/packages/wincompose You can

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How to use Beyond Compare for Backup

In my recent I shared with You, that I ditched all those proper backup programs in favor of Beyond Compare 4 (BC4). So the questions is, how to use BC4 for backing up? And what are the advantages over traditional

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Which Backup Program is the Best? Answer May Surprise You!

Just as it surprised me! I want to share this revelation with you! Previously, I have been using CrashPlan to for backing up my local data to the second hard drive, but they recently changed their business model and will

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