Keep eye on bookmarks with my extension

How many bookmarks do you have? Many? Do you feel a need to constantly bookmark every single page with a though that you’ll “get back to it later”?

Perhaps you suffer from a chronic bookmarkitis!

Don’t laugh. I’m super cereal about this.

The digital age comes with many silly little kinks that are not easy to overcome and this is one of them.

So how can you motivate yourself to clean your bookmarks?

I’ve even developed Firefox extension to help me and it just might work for you too. Don’t worry Chrome users, I got your back too.

Back in the good ol’ days, I used Chrome as my primary browser. At that time, I was already a heavy bookmark user and needed a way out. Luckily, there is a Chrome extension that visualizes amount of bookmarks over time. You can read about it here:

Later, back in 2017, I switched to Firefox because Mozilla released new overhauled Firefox called Firefox Quantum. I imported my bookmarks to Firefox and realized there is no extension to keep track of the bookmark count over time.

So I made my own. It was bare-bones but it worked. I never published it.

I continued to use it and improved it slightly over time.

As you can see I really needed it. I got to a point where I had over 5500 bookmarks! It was really satisfying to watch the numbers go down when I made an effort to clean them up!

Recently, I noticed a bug. The chart was all messed up!

After 3 years of no changes I revisited the extension. I fixed the bug. I made many more improvements. I changed the UI because I wanted a darkmode.

Most importantly, I finally published the extension.

I hope it will help you just as it helps me to motivate myself to reduce the number of bookmarks.

Take it for a spin:

You can request new features and report bugs here:

Update 2021-08-04: It’s working! I’m down ~ 60 bookmarks!


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