Single reason why WinRAR is better than 7zip

is a recovery record.

Why would you want to add a recovery record? It protects your files in case the data gets corrupted (such as a bad flash drive or similar disasters).

Btw someone on the internet agrees with me.

Setup your WinRAR to always add recovery record

Create a new default profile for WinRAR to take advantage of the recovery record without having to add it manually every time.

1) Launch WinRAR.exe (C:\Program Files\WinRAR)

2) Choose Options – Settings, tab Compression

winrar compression settings

3) Click on Create default…

4) Check Add recovery record

winrar default

5) Click OK

6) back in Compression tab – Click on Organize

7) Select Default profile and click on Edit button

winrar organize profiles

8) Here Set profile as default, Add to context menu, optionally check Immediate execution (archive will be created immediately without setting Archive name and parameters)

winrar profile parameters

9) Click Ok

10) Close the WinRAR

It’s easy to use: Right-click on things you want to compress and choose the Default profile.


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