Find an Inside Connection and Friction in UX Isn’t Always Bad
Metrics that Matter to Product Managers – depends to the category of product
Notepad gets an update
Plugin simplifies conversion of a Unity-based Android app into an instant app.
Find an inside connection. You need to find someone who currently works at the company, or knows someone who works at the company, who can refer you to the hiring manager.
Thsrs – The Shorter Thesaurus find shorter synonyms
How to split a user story (Agile)
Game Dev Heroes – initiative to recognise and celebrate the work of the people behind the scenes of the games industry
Friction Isn’t Always the Bad Guy in User Experience
When you need to get a user out of the status quo, especially during acquisition. When you need them to take an active decision, instead of a passive one – an irreversible choice. When you’ve already made the process effortless, and you want to induce the complexity to stimulate their thinking instead of interfering with doing.
Ensure that the user explicitly gets the fact that it’s worth overcoming, and that the reward is much greater compared to the effort.
Customers find waiting more tolerable when they can see the work being done on their behalf—and they tend to value the service more
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