Bloody Versions of My App Stargate Zat’nik’tel or How Microsoft Must Feel About Windows XP

I finally understand Microsoft and their frustration with outdated Windows XP (<– replace version according to your standards).

Some time ago I had released a version 4 of an app. Recently, I updated it several times and reached version 7. But as you can see those bloody updates are still pending for about 500 people.
And some loner has even version 2 of my app. I can not even imagine having a network app. What if there was a change in protocol or something? Those outdated clients could break the whole thing! Luckily, my app is just simple app with two buttons.

zatniktel old version 4 is like windows xp2

The app is Stargate Zat’nik’tel.

Update (2016-05-21):

Same old same old…

zatniktel stats 05-21

Update (Sep 2016):

Getting better 🙂


Update (Feb 2021):

App was rejected by Google. Haha, no more worries about app versions!


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