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How to Disable Annoying Facebook Messenger Notification Sound on Android

There is no option to disable notification sound directly in the app. You can only turn notifications on and off. App info settings directly in Android provide “Notifications” setting. At first glance, it seems you can only enable or disable Default or Calls notifications with checkboxes, and to Allow notifications dot. You have been deceived! […]

Convert Twine 2 Story to Android App APK and Brilliant Mechanics in Games (TWIL)

https://twitter.com/LeadFollowGame/status/861896484895281155 Use the ContextMenu Attribute to execute methods in the editor. https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/topics/interface-essentials/unity-editor-extensions-menu-items The Unity editor allows adding custom menus that look and behave like the built-in menus. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/saraford/2008/11/07/did-you-know-you-can-invoke-a-static-method-from-the-class-view-352/ Did you know… You can Invoke a Static Method from the Class View? https://cloud.google.com/functions/ Event-driven serverless compute platform Every week I read a bunch of articles, watch […]

My App “Nic: Unlimited” Receives an Email from Tiffany

Confirm Your Game Submission, Nic: Unlimited Tiffany Yue <tiffanyyue@mobi.to> Hi LookshGood, We recently come across your app, Nic: Unlimited at Google Play store. We would like to invite your app to our android app marketplace at MeshBean.com There is no fee nor obligation to join our marketplace. To make sure you are the owner of […]

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