How to Embed Twine on Your WordPress Website with Responsive IFRAME and Autoscroll

I’ve described my previous approach in How to Embed Twine on Your WordPress Website. It works but not in Firefox (I had to implement fallback to a fixed height). And the height of the parent page remains the same instead of changing with each Twine passage. Nevertheless, my first Twine embed tutorial provides basic pointers so I’d recommend checking it out before reading further.

If you want to just embed your Twine story without any coding, try it out my WordPress plugin Embed Twine.

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How to Setup AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in WordPress

I’ve setup AMP to make sure website content is available on mobile devices lightning fast (Learn more).

Here is how you can setup it up on your WordPress site:

Step 1:
Install AMP for WordPress plugin.

Step 2:
Fix issues using Google Search Console.
For example, I had to fix minor HTML issue in one of the posts – there was an extra closing HTML tag. Another post was missing featured image.

Step 3:

Optionally, you can turn AMP on and off for individual posts in the Publish box: