Privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics

Hi there, just a quick post. I’ve removed Google Analytics from this website.


To say goodbye to an annoying and annoyingly mandatory cookie notice. I don’t know why cookie notice is even a thing. Did really someone thought it would be wise to have Every Single Fricking Website asking for users consent?! I mean I do get it, websites should respect users and their choice to store metadata but from the UX perspective it just adds too much friction!

Anyways, I’m already tired of internet browsing experience in 202x. If you’re like me you might want to give I don’t care about cookies extension a shot. It blocks many annoying cookie notices!

This website is now using Koko Analytics.

It has a WordPress plugin. All I had to do was to install it and activate it. No configuration. Hassle free. It doesn’t track you. It’s open source. Collected data aren’t shared anywhere.

It’s a win win.

Goodbye cookie notice!


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