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  • Visual Story Points for Jira

    Visual Story Points for Jira

    Story points dialogue window in Jira is boring. Just look at this: Does it spark joy? No! What’s worse, it doesn’t provide any hint on what values are expected! What are users supposed to input? With input field such as this one, it could be anything – string, number, …

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  • How to Start Meetings on Time?

    How to Start Meetings on Time?

    Let’s say you want to start your meetings after minute or two once everyone connects and greets each other. Anyone connecting later is considered being late. Lateness to meetings is bad according to science. How can you make (reasonably) sure that you start meetings on time? Let’s find out.

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  • Imaginary Stand-up Ball

    Imaginary Stand-up Ball

    Is your scrum team working remotely? Are your stand-ups getting stale? Imaginary Stand-up Ball (ISB) is a tiny project I’ve put together to make remote stand-ups less mundane and repetitive.

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