Imaginary Stand-up Ball

Is your scrum team working remotely? Are your stand-ups getting stale?

Imaginary Stand-up Ball (ISB) is a tiny project I’ve put together to make remote stand-ups less mundane and repetitive.

In collocated teams, one way of doing stand-up is when members stand in a circle and each team member provides the status update. The order in which people speak is determined by a ball (or any other token) which is passed randomly between team members.

ISB project aims to replicate this practice for remote teams.

Originally, I wrote a Python script and used it on my laptop but soon decided to create an online tool instead.

Head out to Imaginary Stand-up Ball, give it a try and let me know what you think :]

Date: 2020
Technology: JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Team: Roman Luks



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