Star Wars Secret and Anatomy of an Attack
What would our vision be like if we had a third eye at the back of our head?
If one such automatic response triggers another automatic response on the other side, an email loop is created.
“if a man born blind can feel the differences between shapes such as spheres and cubes, could he, if given the ability to see, distinguish those objects by sight alone, in reference to the tactile schemata he already possessed?”

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Wolf and Fractionalized Art (TWIL)
Using shaders to make animated cartoonish pipe
Some victims escaped to the fire cubicles. The original fire doors on the cubicles were rated to survive for two hours. Some had been upgraded in the 34 years since the tunnel was built to survive for four hours. The fire burned for 53 hours and reached temperatures of 1,000 °C.
The work of Taylor and Gantt was widely discredited and largely abandoned by the 1930s. The theories were so dehumanizing and morale crushing for workers, the implementation were failures. Scientific management relied on embracing the notion that there was “one best way” to perform a task. It believed that through scientific measurement you could determine the most efficient movement of workers (e.g. the best way to shovel coal) and then prescribe this movement to all workers.

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