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Saving Internet for the Future Generations One Page at a Time

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How to use Beyond Compare for Backup

In my recent I shared with You, that I ditched all those proper backup programs in favor of Beyond Compare 4 (BC4). So the questions is, how to use BC4 for backing up? And what are the advantages over traditional

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Which Backup Program is the Best? Answer May Surprise You!

Just as it surprised me! I want to share this revelation with you! Previously, I have been using CrashPlan to for backing up my local data to the second hard drive, but they recently changed their business model and will

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How I saved few dollars and you can too

I have been using certain cloud backup service for a few years now. It is not perfect, but they have a decent desktop client and mobile app. And there was a due date for my annual subscription payment.

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Looking for CrashPlan replacement

CrashPlan will no longer be free for users who wish to use it for local backup. It was a great backup tool with continuous backup, automatic cleanup of older backups and simple to use interface.

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