Notes from DIVR talk at Game Access

Daniel Jerman (Chief Marketing Officer) from DIVR talked on Game Access conference about earning money in VR. DIVR made really cool VR game called Blue Effect (I love the glowing orb).

VR industry is going to grow, there might be large enough user base in 5 to 6 years. Now there are only few thousand units of VR devices:

  • 400k Vive
  • 250k Oculus
  • 900k PSVR

With conversion rate around 1% you wont get many units of your game sold.

Game changer will be when HMD will become standalone and price drops below 1k USD. It is still a bit expensive for regular customer.
Important thing is not to spend milions of dollars on making a single game. Make a great game with limited resources to make it profitable.

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