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Game Access 2018

Same as the last year (and the year before that) I was attending Game Access conference (What the hell is Game Access). Game Access grew from bunch of nerds stuffed in a small hotel venue (2 years ago) to respectable

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Few games I have tried on Game Access

I forgot to post this one. Ooops!

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Do not launch your game on Friday

This is one of the lessons I took away from Game Access conference. Do not launch your game on Friday.

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Notes from DIVR talk at Game Access

Daniel Jerman (Chief Marketing Officer) from DIVR talked on Game Access conference about earning money in VR. DIVR made really cool VR game called Blue Effect (I love the glowing orb).

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How cinematics are made (Mafia)

Valentin Wirth (Senior Cinematic Editor) from Hangar 13 spoke on Game Access conference about telling visual stories in videogames.

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