Javascript Link Distinguisher (JLD)

I made this user script for Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey back in 2016. Browsers don’t distinguish between simple links to an URL and links that contain javascript. All links use the same style. It can be confusing for a user. This script is an attempt to reduce user confusion when browsing the web.

You are browsing a web and see a link. What do you expect to happen when you click it? Personally, I default to links opening a new page. However, this link contains javascript. It shows an empty alert box. The problem is users can’t tell at a first glance.

This is the how link appears on my screen without the Javascript Link Distinguisher: link

With Javascript Link Distinguisher: link

Browsers provide a feature that enables you to see the actual URL when you hover over link. They show you URL in the bottom left corner.

This works well for a link or two. However, it can be a chore to check multiple links this way.

With JDL you can easily spot those pesky javascript links at a first glance.


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