IFJ IAL Project 2011

This was the most complex project of FIT VUTBR studies. The goal was to implement interpret of IFJ11 (language similar to Lua). We formed a team of 5 and each of us worked on a different part. We used programming language C. In the end, the project reached 5499 lines of code.

Date: 2011
Technology: C, yEd

Laznicka Stanislav (lead, syntactic analyzer)
Lesko Matej (stack, semantic analyzer, symbol table)
Luks Roman (lexical analyzer, documentation)
Meszaros Filip (interpret, list, Boyer–Moore algorithm)
Kubala Matej (selected functions, quick-sort)

Quotes from the development:

“Wait a sec, it’s getting really weird.”

A: “I’ve found a bug in your code.”
B: “Again?”

00:45:17 A: “Can I go to sleep? :D”
00:45:20 B: “No :D”

“Do you realize the tragic nature of us chatting? We sit next to each other! It’s pathetic.”

A: “The instruction is present. What does the interpret say?”
B: “That it’s eating an egg.”

As you can see it was pretty demanding and took its toll on our sanity for a while there.

We used Dropbox for source file versioning. It worked because each of us worked on a different file.

Quck-sort on paper:


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