IFJ IAL Project 2011

This was the most complex project of FIT VUTBR studies. The goal was to implement interpret of IFJ11 (language similar to Lua). We formed a team of 5 and each of us worked on a different part. We used programming language C. In the end, the project reached 5499 lines of code.

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FIT Ultimate Guide

I made FIT Ultimate Guide (FITUG for short) website in 2012 during my studies at FIT. It was a place for students to learn basics about the school. I shared my school projects, homework and other files. It linked to a dozen of student’s blogs who did the same. I had a great time putting it together. It ran on WordPress.

Original fitug.romanluks.eu is offline but don’t despair – website snapshot remains available on Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. All my files are available for download [IPFS].