I am ASMR junkie!


What is ASMR?

it’s a tingle in your brain, a kind of pleasurable headache that can creep down your spine

Another way how to put this

head orgasms

Personally I would compare ASMR to the way you feel when someones uses head massager on you.
Except here its the sound causing the pleasure.

Orgazmatron head massager

As always this phenomen has a dedicated reddit community (Its not just Hitler in socks and Earth Porn folks!). For newcomers – what the hell is Reddit?.
It has wiki page too.

I have always had a feeling when I was getting a haircut. It felt good. It might have been the sound of scissors.

I have never paid much attention to it until I read one of the articles above. Wow. It blew my mind to discover that there are thousands of videos on Youtube dedicated to ASMR. There are channels just for that. Holy internet. Many of the videos take advantage of binaural audio, so when hearing headphones it actually feels like being there.

From virtual haircuts through soup sculpting to keyboard typing.  All those different sounds are called triggers. They might or might not trigger that feeling for you.

Even the celebrities got involved.

Just go ahead and search ASMR on Youtube.  Give it a try.
My recommendation is not to watch the videos, just to let them play in the background.

And get yourself a haircut, will ya?! Virtual anyway. Its a great binaural audio showcase.

Some of the recordings which worked for me below. Does it tingle you too?

Plenty of relaxing sounds like thunder, raining, birds chirping… at https://noises.online/

This one is unique! You can choose and configure your own cat purrs! https://purrli.com/

Improve Focus and Boost Productivity with Background Noise on https://www.noisli.com/

The Ultimate Relaxing Music Player – Calmy Leon

There is another website where you can listen to ASMR sounds online.


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