Analysis: What are the Job Requirements for a Game Producer?

In this article, I’ll try to answer which are the necessary skills for a game producer. Ask a Game Dev has insightful article what does the job of producer entail:

“The producer’s primary role is to get the game to ship.”

So what skills does this job require?

Here is how to find out:

  1. Subscribe to a bunch of gamedev jobs portals and create agents to receive relevant job offers.
  2. Download relevant job offers as PDFs. When you feel like you have enough (it was 70 for me) convert them to txt files. Alternatively, save those job offers to txt files right away so you can skip this step. Yeah, don’t be like me. Be smart. Save your job offers as txt files!
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

In this blog post I’m gonna give you the Profit! part, so you don’t have to deal with the mysterious step 3 yourself. But I’m gonna tell you about it anyway.

Merging all job offers into one giant text file

The Mysterious Step Three

So the first attempt to solve the equation was to create a giant text file with all job offers, feed it to a word cloud generator and just see all the key skills. A bit naive of me, I know. What I got was a word cloud with the most frequent words, not necessarily the skills.

When you look closely, you might be able to find some areas to focus on (like Team or Agile), but that’s about it.

Resilience is my middle name, so I’m gonna give it one more try… and then quit, cry and sob in the corner.

Let’s jump in!

Erase everything from the giant txt file except job requirements parts. Genius, right?

^^As you can see it’s better, but our sentences are cut in half. Which is weird. Maybe word cloud generator word length limit?

But enough with the easy way. Here is what I found out after manually sifting through all the game producer requirements.


This table sums it up. For each skill (or group of skill, or other requirement) I’ve counted how many times it was mentioned in about 70 job offers for a game producer.

The number one requirement is to have game industry experience. This was mentioned 51 times!

Second are communication skills, followed closely by leadership & project management.

Experience with agile development methodologies got the third place.

As you can clearly see being motivated, driven or proactive is sharing place with the ability to use project management tools such as JIRA.

Next place is shared between three requirements. Producers need to be team players while being able to work on their own, organized and they must have passion for games.

Next important skill of a video game producer is their ability to solve problems.

Just one point below is a skill in handling pressure, responding to change and calmness.

And it looks like producers should know thing or two about video game art pipelines.

IRL Producer’s Advice

So that’s what game producer job offers tell us. And what about real flesh and blood game producers? I’ve met one at Game Developers Session 2018 in Prague about a week ago and asked him.

Martin Klima from Warhorse Studios (they make Kingdom Come: Deliverance, “Dungeons and no dragons”) said two things. First, good producer must be able to gain trust of people. Second, good producer must gain respect of team members so they wouldn’t have a reason to lie. There is a nice Czech saying for that: “Nesmí ti věšet bulíky na nos”.


Know someone who fits these criteria? Do they wanna make games but maybe they suck at 3D modelling, drawing or don’t know any programming languages? There still might be a place for them in gamedev! Send them this article .)

As for myself, I’m gonna use these requirements as a way to improve. For example, I’ll take an online course for JIRA. It’s a no-brainer. JIRA is like an industry standard.

And what about you?


Raw Sorted Data

Below are all the skills and requirements sorted to their respective categories. Feel free to do your own analysis or correct mine (eg. there might be a better way to organize these?).

Degree (13x)

Degree-level educated

University degree or equivalent.

University degree or equivalent.

Bachelor’s level degree or equivalent /related experience.

Business education or experience in business

University degree or equivalent experience

games industry BA/ BS degree

Undergraduate level degree or higher.

Business education or experience in business focused roles.

BA or BS, or 5+ years’ experience in a comparing position

An Associate’s degree a plus.

Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject or equivalent industry experience;

A University degree.

Industry experience (51x)

Minimum 2 years of industry experience

Minimum of 2 to 5 years of experience in software development as a Producer, Agile Coach, SCRUM Master, Project Manager, or Development Manager

At least 5 years prior game industry experience including direct experience with outsourcing and vendor management;

2+ years working in a games industry community management or related marketing role.

Shipping experience in a production and/or creative capacity

previous games industry experience – either as assistant producer or producer

5+ years of management experience in game, software, and location based experience development

3+ years’ experience in game production

Knowledge of the gaming industry

You have a keen interest in game production and you are familiar with the industry

3+ years of project management experience in games development

At least 2 years in the games industry within a production/project management role

3 years of experience akin to: project management, team leadership, development lead, external project management.

Experience as an Associate Producer/Production Coordinator, preferably within a digital business.

A first hand understanding of the type of games we make is of course preferred but can be mitigated by a will to learn and a good understanding of similar genres.

An understanding of video game development and Production

At least 1 years’ experience as an Assistant Producer in the games industry

Experience of working on commercially released products on console, PC and/or mobile

At least 1 year’s experience of working in a Production role in a games studio

Experience as an Associate Producer.

Experience with game development

3+ years experience in digital entertainment production

Minimum of 3-5 years experience in a production or development management role within the gaming industry.

1-3 years of experience with PC/console game setup and demonstration

Firm understanding of all aspects of game development

5+ years’ experience in game production, having worked on multiple game projects, preferably

on multiple platforms

Previous experience as a Producer, Assistant Producer or Associate Producer in the media or entertainment industry (game development experience would be a plus).

Excellent, up to date knowledge of the games industry and gaming trends. You may be currently in an Assistant Producer or Design role and see this as your next step up in the industry.

Solid knowledge of the game development process and industry

Verifiable affinity for video games and knowledge of the specific factors of success of mobile games

Minimum of 3-5 years experience in a similar position

7+ years in production or project management position.

3+ years experience working in a Live-ops environment.

At least 5 year experience as a production manager in the video games industry;

Minimum 2 years’ experience in the games industry

Strong project management or producer background in games or related industry

3+ years experience in the games industry.

At least 3 years in a mid-level production role or higher

You have 3 years of experience as a Producer from a cinematic, movie trailer, commercial or movie production company or similar

Internal Production experience with a developer or an internal development studio for a Publisher.

Minimum of 4 years of experience as a Live or Software Producer

Minimum of 3 years of production experience in a development environment

Minimum of 3 years of production experience with a focus on console or pc games.

Work with a Creative Director to translate their vision into in-game content.

At least 3 years prior game industry experience including direct experience with

vendor management

Experience in the video game industry is desirable;

1 – 2 years’ experience as a project assistant or 1 years’ experience in commercial software development experience with significant involvement in a full project development cycle

minimum of 2 -3 years’ experience in video game production.

At least 3 years in a mid-level production role or higher

Knowledge about the video game industry and landscape (2x)

Understanding of current trends in video gaming and online gaming in the mobile, social/casual, console, and PC markets.

Good knowledge of the video game industry;

Shipped titles (22x)

Previous experience developing or publishing a multiplayer title

Previous experience developing or publishing a AAA title

Externally produced at least 1 released title with an external developer

Produced at least 2 released titles

A minimum of one shipped title (or project)

Experience with mastering and distributing game builds

Experience with game development

Experience of working successfully within a team environment producing at least one published title, ideally on console

Shipped at least one title on Mobile, PC or Console platforms

Minimum of 2 shipped titles on a major console system (PS4, XB1, Switch).

Worked on a full AAA-project life cycle.

Experience working on a commercially successful free to play title

Experience with shipping a software product

Shipped titles (or apps) through Apple or Google Play store.

Cross-platform titles shipped under your production guidance.

Submission experience with one or more major consoles.

Experience of console submission and certification process

At least 1 title shipped in a Producer role

At least 1 shipped title as a Producer

Worked on 1 Game from Ideation through Launch

Experience and demonstrable track record of scheduling and completing projects on time.

Worked on a full AAA-project life cycle

Lifecycle (9x)

Full lifecycle experience in a high quality or AAA studio;

Experience of taking a project from conception, into production, releasing to market and updating as required.

Expert knowledge of the game development cycle

You have a good understanding of production processes and a natural interest in analysis

Knowledge of software development process, project management, and performance management.

Internal production & development experience

Experience in instructional design methodology, learning theories/lifecycle and facilitation.

Expert knowledge of the game development cycle

Firm understanding of all aspects of game development

Leadership, project management (42x)

Have worked with or led a team through a full product cycle.

People management experience (at least 1 to 2 years experience in managing any kind of teams).

You work independently, but you do not hesitate to ask for help

Experience with leading people / teams

Good man-management skills

Great leadership skills.

Experience in project managing highly creative teams.

Motivate teams both internal and external.

Good project management skills and some experience of project management methodology

Demonstrates good leadership skills.

Skilled in risk assessment, management and scheduling.

Experience with leading a team with maturity and leadership

Strong project management skills.

Must be a natural leader who can motivate and drive development teams and processes.

Experience working across multiple projects

Demonstrates leadership and communication skills within creative teams.

Strong people management skills

Proven leadership abilities and strong communication skills

Previous experience as a lead in a different discipline.

Strong management and organizational skills

Positive and motivating leadership

Project management experience within midsized teams and on multiple projects

You are a structured project manager with excellent planning skills.

You are a natural leader, a strong motivator

You have solid experience with product management and milestone planning

Experience leading and working with cross-functional teams.

Experience managing teams and delivering products on time.

Experience leading cross-functional teams

Experience managing teams and delivering products on time

Previous experience managing a small team in a diverse and fast-paced environment

Exceptional leadership skills, motivating teamwork, performance and drive for excellence

Strong Communication and leadership skills

Excellent project management skills, detail orientation, time management, multi-tasking.

Ability to manage multiple work-streams to tight deadlines and (on occasion) limited information.

Experience with adjusting creative and development approaches to maximize results.

Experience in team management is also desirable.

You’re passionate about game production and leadership.

how to maximize your team’s happiness

Experience with leading a team with maturity and leadership

Ability to take ownership and move projects forward despite obstacles and issues.

Experience managing a project, including establishing project plans and budgets, determining task dependencies, assigning tasks, and implementing operational changes.

Experience working with other disciplines (11x)

Able to create a bridge between disciplines – code, art

Previous experience working with Live Operations, Community Management, and Marketing/PR

Must understand the fundamentals behind cross discipline team collaboration and development driven product ownership

Experience in a similar project co-ordination role

Experience of being able to cultivate strong working relationships within a development environment

Extensive experience of managing client/stakeholder relationships.

High level of self-confidence with the ability to interface effectively with all levels of management, peers and business partners.

High level of confidence in effectively interfacing with all levels of management, peers and business partners

Experience must include a contributor role in a creative environment working with a variety of skill sets; artists, sound engineers, game designers, project managers, producers, and or software engineers.

Establishing and maintaining client relations

Strong written and verbal interdisciplinary communication skills

Facilitate communication (3x)

Ability to facilitate and communicate in a social environment

Able to facilitate and mediate between all staff and teams.

Improving cross-department design communication

Agile (30x)

An understanding of the full game development cycle and iterative development


Knowledge of both Agile and Waterfall methodologies – Scrum Certification desirable

Worked with interdisciplinary development teams and agile methodology

Knowledge and experience of Scrum and Agile methodologies

Experience with agile development processes, specifically Scrum

An understanding of the game development life cycle and design process from concept to delivery

Expert in project management methodologies with previous Scrum, Prince2 and/or Kanban experience.

Keen desire to apply Agile principles to development and to identify the most suitable ways of working for each situation

Experience with agile development processes, specifically Scrum;

Must have exemplary organisational skills and have a solid understanding of modern project management methodologies and practices (e.g. Prince2, Agile, Waterfall).

Experience with Agile project management tools

Experience of Agile development methodology – scrums, sprint planning, etc.

Strong Project Management Skills, with experience in Agile Methodologies

Experienced in Agile methodology

In depth understanding of Agile, SCRUM and Sprints

Experience using Scrum, Agile, or Waterfall development methodologies

Strong understanding of project management methodologies and all aspects of game development

Agile project management experience advantageous.

Master of both agile and waterfall production methods, able to discern which approach to take based on the situation

Strong Project Management Skills, with experience in Agile Methodologies

Experience in Agile or Agile environments is highly desirable.

Skilled in project management methodologies

Project Management certifications such as Prince2, Agile, Scrum, and Kanban.

Good knowledge of management methodologies such as Scrum, Agile and Waterfall.

Experience with agile development processes, specifically Scrum

Keen desire to apply Agile principles to development and to identify the most suitable ways of working for each situation

Promoting agile values: clear communication, measuring progress with current game states, collaborating with stakeholders

Facilitating frequent retrospectives to improve workflows

Serving as a product owner and vision holder on behalf of the client throughout the projects

Teamplayer & autonomous (20x)

You are a team player who is focused on the team’s well-being and performance

work collaboratively; excel as a team player

Experience with working in teams, across multiple locations

Professionalism and the ability to function well within a team

team player

You are a team player, not a lone star.

Able to work autonomously and within a group.

Collaborative approach with the ability to mediate and facilitate between different development disciplines

The ability to work as part of a team and independently.

Excel as a team player and strive to maximize team/department performance.

Ability to work closely with a team throughout all phases of product development

Positive attitude with a team-oriented mindset.

Assertiveness accompanied with strong social skills and capacity for teamwork


Experience working as part of one or more game development teams.

Prepared to do whatever it takes to help the teams to be successful.

Experience of working in a small team a plus

You are a team player and your focus is on the team’s well-being and performance.

You are here to help the team in whatever way you can no shoulder chips allowed.

Ability to work closely with a team throughout all phases of product development

Friendly (8x)

Friendly and supportive attitude, our company culture is extremely important to us!

Being both friendly and approachable but with a professional and energetic work ethic

Friendly and outgoing personality.

Excellent relationship-building skills.

Collaborative and able to foster relationships

Passion for people.

Excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills; credible at every level.

diplomatic and kind

Communication skills (43x)

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work collaboratively to solve problems in an efficient manner

Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English

You are proactive and a skilled communicator

good communication skills across multiple disciplines

Excellent interpersonal communication skills

Strong communications skills, particularly verbal and written language

Strong writing skills.

Strong conceptual and technical writing skills (in English).

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Excellent communication- and social skills, both written and spoken

You have the ability to communicate efficiently with different audiences (developers, internal stakeholders, journalists) on a broad range of topics (i.e. technical, business and creative).

Detail focused with excellent communication.

Ability to communicate confidently and effectively with all development disciplines

Outstanding communication skills both written and verbal.

Excellent communication skills both written and verbal.

Strong conceptual and technical writing skills (in English).

Established communication, people, presentation skills

Selfmotivated with strong oral and written communication skills

Excellent organizational and communication (both verbal & written) skills.

Superb relationship building skills – locally & internationally

Ability to facilitate and communicate in a social environment

Outstanding communication skills both written and verbal.

Great communication skills and attitude

Strong Communication and leadership skills

Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills

A strong communicator and collaborator, with excellent scheduling, time management and organizational skills

Excelled writing, verbal communication, and task management skill.

Ability to multitask and communicate effectively

Excellent communication skills

Written and verbal communication skills.

Excellent interpersonal skills, you will be speaking to internal and external stakeholders

Top notch communication, documentation and presentation skills

Excellent presentation skills, demonstrating the ability to influence others

Exceptional interpersonal skills, as well as verbal and written communications skills.

Exceptional verbal and written communications skills

Exceptional interpersonal skills

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Solid listening, written and verbal communication skills.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Very good verbal and written communication.

Superb communication skills

Professional communication and interpersonal skills, including conflict resolution.

Accept/provide direction/feedback (6x)

ability and willingness to accept and follow direction

Willing to accept and provide direction

To take direction and criticism, be receptive to mentoring

Willingness to provide and accept direction in a team environment.

You have an opinion, and you are good at expressing your views in a constructive manner, but at the same time you also know when to listen

Ability to give constructive feedback in line with the scope of the project

Motivated, driven, proactive (27x)

Self-motivated, highly motivated

You thrive in a dynamic environment where quality is king, but timing is important

Have a strong sense of initiative

Calm, practical, proactive, and self-motivating in a highly dynamic environment

Be proactive/self-motivated

A ‘can do’ attitude and a desire to deliver above and beyond

High level of initiative and a strong sense of ownership and urgency

Self motivated and avid game player

High level of initiative and a strong sense of ownership and urgency

Must be proactive and driven without need for supervision.

High levels of energy and drive

high level of selfmotivation

Selfcontained, motivated and aim oriented way of working

An entrepreneurial spirit and drive to take ownership of your work.

A driven yet humble person who wants to excel

Determined and self-motivated

Prepared to rise to a challenge

Ability to demonstrate initiative, autonomy and ownership of your projects.

Self-motivated and pro-active individual with good initiative and strong communication skills

Unrelenting self-motivation and initiative.

Self-motivated; this is not a buzzword, it’s an absolute requirement to be pro-active

Thorough and precise work ethic

A – can do – attitude desire to deliver above and beyond.

Positive outlook.

Proactive, selfmotivated and selfdirected.

Very good self-motivation and initiative.

High level of initiative and a strong sense of ownership and urgency

Handle pressure, rapid changes, calm (18x)

Work and respond well to pressure and change

work well under pressure and handle multiple tasks

ability to work under pressure

can keep a cool head in hectic situations

As a person you are calm, pragmatic and structured.

Confident working in a fast paced environment and able to react positively to change

Must be able to work well under pressure.

Ability to adapt to rapidly shifting priorities in a face-paced environment

Friendly demeanor even under stressful event conditions

Ability to thrive in a fast-past, ever-changing environment while being able to deliver experiences our players will love at a sustainable pace

Must be able to work well under pressure.

Remains calm and stays organised under pressure.

Ability to work in a constantly evolving environment

Embrace change.

Ability to adapt to change and work effectively under pressure;

Ability to adapt to rapidly shifting priorities in fast-paced environment

Ability to thrive in a fast-past, ever-changing environment while being able to deliver experiences our players will love at a sustainable pace

Comfortable in an ambiguous and dynamic work environment, embracing changes and accepting revisions if needed to improve the game

Quick learner (13x)

Quickly able to learn new tools, methods, and pipelines

Able to learn new skills quickly

You act as a problem solver in tight situations and focus on the greater good.

Passion for continuous improvement, learning and sharing with your team and organization as a whole

High motivation and capacity to learn new skills, use new tools and meet new people.

A passion for learning new things, exploring new avenues

Excellent learning skills and adaptation to pipelines and workflow

Strong capacity to adapt and be a fast learner

Curious and fast learner.

Quick learner.

committed to improving

it’s a good bet that Amazing Transformation is part of your focus

Able to learn quickly and apply new concepts, principles, and processes.

Problem solver (19x)

Excellent problem-solving skills

Think critically and apply analytical problem solving in resolving complex issues

Pro-active in finding solutions to problems

A logical approach to problem solving.

Confidence to find solutions to problems

A proven ability to multitask, make decisions and solve problems efficiently and effectively.

Good critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Being personable and open minded in solving schedule issues relating to the complex development structure of game development.

Good analytical decision making and effective problem solving

Spots production problems as they occur and can present solutions to remain on track.

Proactive in problem solving skills with a positive, confident attitude

Strong ability to work under pressure and resolve problems and conflicts

Effective in solving complex problems

Identify opportunities, analytical decision making and effective problem solving.

A proven track-record of solving complex production problems efficiently

Able to solve complex production problems efficiently with a track record of doing so already.

Proven problem solving skills.

Ability to problem solve.

Capable of identifying and mitigating risks; able to take appropriate steps to resolve difficulties including changes to work methods, technologies, and project schedules.

Organized (20x)

time management

Excellent organizational skills and have the ability to multitask under pressure

Organized and deadline driven

Very organised, multi-tasker

A keen eye for detail and high standards of work

Your approach to your work is highly structured and you have a keen eye for detail

strong organizational skills, and the ability to focus and to manage one’s own time

Proven ability to meet deadlines and prioritise effectively

Outstanding organisational and project management skills

Well organised with a methodical approach.

Must have great organisational skills

Organizational and documentation skills

Ability to manage projects on schedule

Highly organised, methodical, creative, selfmotivated

Highly organised with excellent time management

Ability to multitask

Outstanding organisation and multitasking talents combined with the ability to meet deadlines

Meticulously organised

Proven experience managing schedules and employees to achieve desired results.

Highly organised with excellent time management and communication skills.

Scheduling (4x)

Able to plan and estimate tasks and ensure timely delivery of work

Experience in creating, inputting and/or maintaining production documents; show flow schedules, rehearsal schedule, room plans, technical requirements by room.

Proven ability to generate and manage schedules and milestones

Company visibility and communication: Improving company roadmap, making and communicating project roadmaps and setting up information radiator.

Creative (2x)

Creative and innovative

Good combination of product sense (creative) and people skills.

Prioritization (6x)

Excellent organisation, communication and prioritisation skills.

Ability to plan ahead, set objectives, and priorities

You are good at keeping an overview of complex projects and prioritising tasks properly

Experience of working collaboratively, knowing when to accommodate changes and when to push back robustly.

Experience in dealing with competitive requirements and priorities

Able to prioritize, multitask and perform in a deadline oriented environment

Attention to detail, precision (13x)

Attention to detail, timely followup,

Strong focus on quality, precision, consistency, and details

Superior attention to detail and high standards of work

Impeccable attention to detail

Detail focussed with excellent communication.

A dedicated work ethic and commitment to excellence.

Deadline driven and detail-oriented – a critical thinker who also has a high attention to detail

Detail orientated, quality focused and player centric

Obsessed with quality

Fanatical about details

Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical ability with high attention to detail

A relentless attention to detail

Strong organizational skills and laser like attention to details

Quality (9x)

Detailed and quality focused.

Delivery-focused with an eye for quality

Ambitious and relentlessly focused on high quality, high fidelity results;

Experience in establishing and promoting working methods that promote high quality results.

Follows and establishes working methods that emphasize quality and innovation.

Delivery-focused with an eye for quality

Motivated and creative with strong commitment to quality

Promoting quality over quantity within teams by adjusting pipelines

Establishing effective review process in tech and art pipeline to maintain quality across project life span (TDM)

JIRA, Project management tools (27x)

Project management software skills using Test Track Pro, Hansoft, Microsoft Project or other project management software

Proficient in Excel, Hansoft, JIRA.

Working knowledge of Test Track Pro

Master of both agile and waterfall production methods, able to discern which

approach to take based on the situation;

You have experience with project management, either from your degree or a junior position

Proficiency with Test Track, Jira or comparable bug database software

Experience with Atlassian information systems (Confluence / JIRA)

Experience with project (management) applications

Proficiency with scheduling tools, such as Excel, MS Project, Jira, Hansoft, TFS, Confluence

Familiar with production tools such as JIRA

Experience using Hansoft or JIRA beneficial.

Highly skilled in the use of Excel and other project management tools

Proficiency in project management software

Expert with project management development tools (MS Project, JIRA. MS Office, Shotgun, etc.)

Knowledge of JIRA and/or similar development tools

Knowledge of production management software such as Hansoft or MS Project (Jira would be a plus).

Mastery of JIRA task tracking software would be an advantage.

Skills in project management software for games;

Advanced skills in Jira, PowerPoint, and Excel

Well-versed in project management software & an ability to adapt to a range of software.

JIRA power-user (this is a must have)

Expertise in current issue tracking software and project management tools

Proficient in JIRA and Shotgun

Proficient in Excel, Hansoft, JIRA.

Experience using issue and project tracking software (e.g. Jira) and other task tracking tools is desirable;

Proficient with standard project management development tools (MS Project, JIRA. MS Office etc.)

MS Office (12x)

Experience with office applications (word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets)

Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office

Able to create, manage, and maintain custom team reports using Excel, Hansoft, Word, VISIO, and other standard tools.

Highly skilled in the use of Excel and other project management tools.

Familiarity with MS Office, MS Outlook and MS PowerPoint.

In-depth knowledge of Excel

Experience with high-quality PowerPoint presentation

Proficient in Excel

Strong Microsoft Excel skills are essential to the role, Strong PowerPoint skills.

Proficient with MS Office Programs; PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

Extensive knowledge of the Microsoft suite e.g. Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Highly skilled in the use of Excel and other project management tools

English language (13x)

Fluent in speaking, reading and writing the English language.

Fluent in multiple languages.

Strong spoken and written English skills are essential

Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English

Excellent written and spoken English

Excellent written and verbal English skills.

Very good knowledge of the English language (written and spoken)

Bilingual (French and English)

Strong written and verbal communication skills, including spelling and grammar. You may need to do some localization QA on English strings in a pinch.

Strong verbal and written English skills are essential

Immaculate English language skills

Excellent English

Strong command of the English language

Engines, Tech (12x)

Experience with Unreal Engine

Experience with Arma (3) / Real Virtuality engine and the relevant tools

Experience with Unity / Unreal Engine or other popular game engines

Experience with versioning and revision control systems (e.g. SVN)

Familiar with industry standard production tools and game development software.

Competence in relevant technology

Familiar with production tools and multimedia software.

Good understanding of multimedia and software tools.

Solid understanding of game development and video game technologies;

Experience with Unity

Technically savvy.

Previous experience with the CryENGINE.

Willingness to relocate/travel (7x)

A willingness to work in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Interest in and ability to travel worldwide for extended periods

International travel may be required as part of the role.

International travel experience.

Eager to move to Hamburg

Traveling will be required

Ability to work from inside our London office.

Eligible to work in the EU (3x)

EU citizen or eligible to work in the EU

EU citizen or eligible to work in the EU.

EU citizen or eligible to work in the EU

Love for games (20x)

Strong passion for games

You are a gamer by heart!

Passionate about videogames

A passion for games and game development

A passion for games and a good understanding of how they are made

A passion for games

A passion for games

Being a fan of racing titles would be a bonus

Passion for the gaming industry

Solid gaming culture and a passion for video games.

Passion for games!

A sincere passion for games

Genuine passion for games, of all formats and platforms

Passion for making great games.

A passion for video games, video game development, and the video game industry.

A passion for games and enthusiasm for playing games

Passion for Video Games

Enthusiastic gamer

Genuine passion for games – mobile or console

Passionate about games, whether they are computer, video, mobile, board, role-playing or otherwise

Analytical (2x)

Strong analytical and technical skills

Strong analytical skills

Work ethic (2x)

Strong work ethic and integrity.

High work ethic and reliability

Relevant skills in Art, QA, Design, Programming, Outsourcing. (2x)

Strong grasp of Art, Design, Technical aspects of development, and internal production

Related experience in game design, production, and or development.

Art (17x)

A background in technical art direction or art production is preferred; however, please note that this is NOT a hands-on art director position as those tasks are already covered by other roles.

Proactive in identifying problems and resolving them

An understanding of basic narrative (story telling) techniques and workflows

A rich visual vocabulary (games, movies, comics)

Proficiency with art production

Knowledge of video editing pipelines a plus

Familiar with multimedia tools such as Adobe Creative Suite

Experience working in Animation departments or Animation Production

Knowledge of movies and animation production pipelines would be a plus.


passionate about cinematic trailers and visual communication.

A basic technical understanding of editing software such as Pro-Tools, Nuendo, Premiere and/or Final Cut

A background in technical art direction or art production is preferred

Knowledgeable of art content production pipelines; from ideas, briefs, workflows, and team dependencies etc.

Enthusiasm to work with Audio teams

Video and livestream content production.

Graphic design talent.

QA (5x)

Experience with QA is a bonus

Experience with bug reporting platforms

A high degree of skill in troubleshooting, characterizing, and describing software defects

Strong experience of the QA process

Facilitating internal and external test sessions

Programming (1x)

Strong technical knowledge, including PC and console setup and basic networking infrastructure

Design (2x)

An understanding of game theory and related technology

Experience of working with analytics and improving key KPIs to improve game performance would be an advantage

Outsourcing (5x)

Outsourcing experience

Experience dealing with Outsourcing

Supplier management, such as mo-cap, outsourcing or testing

Experience with MOCAP/dialog sessions and familiarity with requirements for successful content acquisition

Outsource management and establishing clear communication for outsourcing companies

Recording (2x)

Practical experience with attending recording sessions

Knowledgeable of production and recording pipelines

Event management (8x)

Knowledge of managing large scale external events a plus

Experience representing your organization at trade shows/events

Experience working with external clients and suppliers.

Understanding of the event life cycle, and key considerations when delivering a complex event to 2000+ people

Must have the ability to assist physically in event set up and breakdown .

Experience in delivering events with a strong Culture/Values element.

We’re looking for someone who can demonstrate experience delivering / managing large scale company, learning or immersive events.

Have developed and managed content for large scale events

HR (1x)

Help identify new talent including hiring and performance management.

F2P (13x)

Experience in developing, running and maintaining F2P mobiles games

Strong understanding of F2P games KPIs as well as the design constructs that serve those KPIs

Understanding of the games as service model

Excellent knowledge of the video games industry, in particular, the free to play,

games business and Mobile is a plus.

Has a solid understanding of analytics, KPIs, F2P, monetization for mobile games!

Good knowledge of mobile markets and social principles of monetization

Experience in F2P, social, mobile or online games development (a plus!)

Experience in developing, running and maintaining free-to-play, mobiles games is essential

Familiar with Free2Play products, KPIs, business model and user monetization

Experience in free to play games and microtransactions.

Excellent knowledge of the video games industry, in particular, the free to play, games business and Mobile is a plus.

Understanding of the games as service model

VR (2x)

Experience with Virtual Reality

Experience with virtual reality

Other unsorted requirements

Special interest in Remedy games would be a plus.

Must fit within the studio environment.

A passion for role playing games and card battlers

Strong familiarity with studio’s titles

A passion for social and mobile games.

Passion for the mobile

Experience with console development.

Awareness and understanding of key genres, industry trends and upcoming technologies.

Strong knowledge of current demands/trends in the mobile/freemium space

Basic business understanding of the online gaming and or casino games markets.

Knowledge of space simulations, FPS games, and MMOs.

You’re tired of the typical game studio scene and want to face new challenges like theme park rides, games for kids too young to read, and hard core space shooters.

Genuine fan of studio’s games.

You’d like to work at our fun, vibrant, creative studio (we have lots of windows and 45′ high ceilings too)!

Generating or managing content (organizational change, design, culture work, strategy).

You have experience with documentation and reporting

Planning, assembling and maintaining production pipelines

Long-distance Based Pipeline Management

plan, optimize the feature request workflow

Better task estimation/management suitable for teams characteristics

Maintain a solution-oriented approach to development.

Ability to prepare the content pipeline for live production.

Awareness and understanding of key genres, industry trends and upcoming technologies

Help identify new talent including hiring and performance management.

Work with different time zones.

Value stream mapping

Management of main stage production for keynotes or all company address.

Skilled in risk assessment/management.

You thrive in the role as the facilitator of dialogue between team members, ensuring that tasks are not overlooked in the workflow.

Experience of working in a constructively critical, open and honest culture

Flexible and open-minded

Experience working in media outside of game industry.

Undertaking needs analysis to ensure solutions are bespoke and meet requirements.

Experience in an international company

Existing social media audience in related genre.

Must fit within the studio environment.

Able and willing to work additional hours as necessary to successfully complete tasks

People focused with the customer at the center of what we are aiming to achieve.


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