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Čmáranice #9: using brain;

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Sending Emails from Google Sheets and Trading Computation as Commodity GitHub has been acquired by Microsoft in a deal worth $7.5 billion. Machine Learning bot orders goods to have things in stock Practice cybersecurity – easy to follow demos

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Game Access 2018

Same as the last year (and the year before that) I was attending Game Access conference (What the hell is Game Access). Game Access grew from bunch of nerds stuffed in a small hotel venue (2 years ago) to respectable

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List of Youtube Channels Related to the Game Development

* [game array] * AesirAesthetics * Ahoy * AI and Games * Brackeys * Cagey Videos * CasualConnect * CEGC * ClassicGameJunkie

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Perfect Size for Social Media Pics and Discord Tweaks (TWIL) All the texts at the beginning of Futurama series Slightly longer read about AI and evolution of technology and human society Just like there is a binary and decimal system, there can be numbers with negative base

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