I made my first icon in Photoshop and it looks kinda awesome! (Hit me)

I made a new icon to replace the original MS Paint icon:


Here is the new version:

You might be wondering what is the icon for? Absolute madness!

This is Hit me:

I made the game out of my face. Two of my friends came over and we recorded painful screams and shouts. There are fountains of blood. Brace yourself!

Originally, I made an Android app but it got suspended by Google:

I made a WebGL build instead.

Play it here:

Password is “myface” without quotes.

IGT Project Gravity (Unity)

Multiple displays local competitive multiplayer game for course In-Game Technologies


This game uses the power of 10 connected displays to create one massive level. Players join in by visiting website on their smartphones and using these as controllers.

My role: Project management, playtesting and surveying players

Date: 2015

Alexander Golombek
Anne Hansen
Areen Said
Benjamin Ho
Benjamin Stu Be
Christian Bartsch
Christian Winter
Eva Brucker
Gustav Dahl
Manuel Herrmann
Moritz Kertesz
Roman Luks
Stefan Nihu
Tina Schuh


Polio – Information Visualisation Project

Project in js/D3.js for course Information Visualization

Roman Lukš
Joanne Leong

Date: 2015

Follow the links below:

The visualization of Polio disease in the world and money spend to fight it.
The map

Funny “call to action” interactive game with Bill Gates to motivate people to donate to the cause
Make Bill poor


GA Workbench (Java)

Simple engine made for course Game Architecture.


Uses component system, several programming patterns were implemented (eg. Service Locator), handles springs, basic collision detection.
Written in Java and libGDX. More info in README in source repository.

Date: 2015

Team: Roman Lukš