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  • Making Friends at Reversed in Vienna

    What’s the best way to spend two days of public holiday and a weekend? Gamedev conference of course! Here in Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia, if you are an older person or coming from Croatia. Hello Aleksandar!) we recently had two days of public holiday. I don’t even remember what are we celebrating, but what’s important is […]

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  • Anifilm GameDay

    Just a couple of pics from Anifilm GameDay in Třeboň (we were showcasing WesTurn). Smiles before the trip. Fierce battle! Tomáš was helping out and contemplating strategy decisions. Sad Tomáš at the end. Checkout out WesTurn social channels for more! fb.com/WesTurnGame @WesTurn_game And we’ll be on Game Access in Brno soon! Come say hi 🙂

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