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Making Friends at Reversed in Vienna

What’s the best way to spend two days of public holiday and a weekend? Gamedev conference of course! Here in Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia, if you are an older person or coming from Croatia. Hello Aleksandar!) we recently had two days

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Game Access 2018

Same as the last year (and the year before that) I was attending Game Access conference (What the hell is Game Access). Game Access grew from bunch of nerds stuffed in a small hotel venue (2 years ago) to respectable

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Anifilm GameDay

Just a couple of pics from Anifilm GameDay in Třeboň (we were showcasing WesTurn). Smiles before the trip. Fierce battle! Tomáš was helping out and contemplating strategy decisions. Sad Tomáš at the end. Checkout out WesTurn social channels for more!

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White Nights 2018 in Prague

White Nights are business-oriented game industry conferences organized by Nevosoft. There is White Nights in Moscow and St. Petesburg. Since 2017 there is also one in Prague. I was there in 2017 🙂 But this year it was a bit

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