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  • How to Add Bots in Team Fortress Classic

    There are not many people still playing this old gem. How to add (good enough) bots so you can relive the good times?

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  • The Final Hours of Half-Life

    I have stumbled upon The final hours of Half-life when I was browsing old blog posts on Coding Horror. This particular post was about project postmortems. What is postmortem? Its a reflection on past project – what worked, what didn’t, learned lessons, etc. For example there is one about Deus Ex on Gamasutra (for more use tag […]

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  • Holy cow! Portal gun recreated in Unity

  • Half-Life Games You Didn’t Know

    Half-Life: Decay Decay is a co-op for 2 players very much so in the spirit of Half-Life: shoot and solve puzzles. Originally, it came out for PS2 and I didn’t hear about it until much later. It takes about 4 hours to finish. How to play on PC? Download it from Mod DB and follow […]

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