Digisemestr #3 (2019-03-09) – PPC

I’m studying Digisemestr and blogging every week to help me memorize it all. What’s Digisemestr? It’s a prestigious semester study of digital marketing happening every Saturday. And what are learning there? To name a few: SEO, Link building, PPC, RTB, Retargeting, Social media, Marketing tools, Analytics, Branding, Copywriting, Content marketing, NPS, Loyalty programs, Marketing strategy, CRO, A/B testing, UX, Emailing, Growth hacking.

One last thing before we begin, if you notice any mistakeZ, please get in t0uch with me (comment here, send me an email, message me on LinkedIn, etc) so I can fix ‘em. Don’t let me spread nonsense! Thanks!

This time we were talking about PPCs and our teachers were Karel and Petra. Mainly, we discussed Google Ads (previously AdWords) and sometimes we mentioned similar Czech platform Sklik.cz. There are others though.

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