The Final Hours of Half-Life

I have stumbled upon The final hours of Half-life when I was browsing old blog posts on Coding Horror. This particular post was about project postmortems. What is postmortem? Its a reflection on past project – what worked, what didn’t, learned lessons, etc. For example there is one about Deus Ex on Gamasutra (for more use tag “postmortem” there). There is also Final hours of Half-life 2. And Portal 2 (pdf). Writing for Half-Life by Marc Laidlaw. Post-mortem: Black Mesa Hazard Course.

You can still read the article thanks to Wayback machine – an internet archive. However, only the first page… (Btw did you know you can manually request archiving there?)

I found all the pieces from and and glued them together. Unfortunately, some images were lost.

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