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  • How to Start Meetings on Time?

    Let’s say you want to start your meetings after minute or two once everyone connects and greets each other. Anyone connecting later is considered being late. Lateness to meetings is bad according to science: Meeting lateness correlates include job satisfaction, intent to quit, satisfaction with meetings in general, age, and conscientiousness. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/265508784_Lateness_to_meetings_Examination_of_an_unexplored_temporal_phenomenon_European_Journal_of_Work_and_Organizational_Psychology How can you […]

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  • How to Easily Visualize an Inverse Function Without Graphing Calculator?

    Use your phone screen reflection to see the chart of inverse function.

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  • Perfect Size for Social Media Pics and Discord Tweaks (TWIL)

    https://theinfosphere.org/List_of_title_captions All the texts at the beginning of Futurama series https://hackernoon.com/why-ai-will-bring-an-explosion-of-new-jobs-11dc203890b Slightly longer read about AI and evolution of technology and human society https://brilliant.org/wiki/negative-integer-number-base/ Just like there is a binary and decimal system, there can be numbers with negative base TWIL stands for This Week I Learned (TWIL). However, this is more like a LWIL […]

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  • Convert Twine 2 Story to Android App APK and Brilliant Mechanics in Games (TWIL)

    https://twitter.com/LeadFollowGame/status/861896484895281155 Use the ContextMenu Attribute to execute methods in the editor. https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/topics/interface-essentials/unity-editor-extensions-menu-items The Unity editor allows adding custom menus that look and behave like the built-in menus. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/saraford/2008/11/07/did-you-know-you-can-invoke-a-static-method-from-the-class-view-352/ Did you know… You can Invoke a Static Method from the Class View? https://cloud.google.com/functions/ Event-driven serverless compute platform Every week I read a bunch of articles, watch […]

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  • Čmáranice #1: Kontext