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Design Crimes, Dev Crimes and Vacuum Cleaners are Becoming Level Designers (TWIL)

https://www.theguardian.com/news/2019/jan/03/why-exercise-alone-wont-save-us Do not exercise, but keep moving. #fitness https://spectrum.ieee.org/computing/hardware/the-future-of-computing-depends-on-making-it-reversible About reversible computing – “A conventional computer is, essentially, an expensive electric heater that happens to perform a small amount of computation as a side effect.” #tech https://trends.uxdesign.cc/ The State of

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Quit smoking timelines

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How to wake up with light | Jak se budit se světlem

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(cz) Sebeobrana v Brně

Zde najdete seznam brněnských sebeobran, sebeobraných systémů a bojových umění zaměřených na sebeobranu.

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