How to migrate from Evernote to Notion

I was having issues with the import from Evernote to Notion. I’ve tried different things like removing tags, importing only a few notes at a time, removing formatting, removing Czech characters, removing horizontal lines, removing links… Nothing worked.

The import dialogue would just spin and on and on without ever importing anything… But I think I got it!

It’s a manual process. Sorry!

Anyway, what worked for me was to change the font of every note I wanted to import.

Select all text in the note and change the font:

That’s it.

Now, the import should work.

I imported notes in the batches of 50.

Word of caution:

I don’t have any solution for tables breaking on import. My approach was to take a screenshot of the table. I don’t have too many.

Images inside notes might disappear on import. Save them separately and import them manually.

Hope that helped you out :]


It’s meme time!

The import is over, it’s done.

Farewell Evernote, you can rest now.

Goodbye Evernote, I will remember you as you were.

I’m sorry Evernote for what they did to you.

One more?


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