Christmas Chaos: Home Edition (Unity)

It’s Christmas time. Time of joy, happiness and Chaos.

Pickup a controller and become a house! Or Santa’s sledge! Cooperate with your teammate and together bring down enemy team.
Fly with sledge to gather presents and fill the chimney of your house with presents. Shoot presents with your cannons! Kick down enemy house.
Watch out for the special present! Send it down the chimney and laugh at the enemy trying to get you… their powers ain’t gonna work no more.
But beware! Both families living inside houses are hungry for presents. There is nothing you can do about it. Just pray they go to sleep!
This game is for the whole family. Use up to 4 Xbox controllers to control 2 houses and 2 sledges.

Xbox Controller for each player (up to 4)

Controls for the Sledge:
Fly around – Left stick
Drop presents – A Button
Boost – B Button

Controls for the House:
Walk – Left stick
Shoot cannons – Left and Right bumber
Turn cannons – Right stick
Jump – A Button

Game made during Hagenberg Game Jam 2015

Date: December 2015

Team: Tunefish
Eva-Maria Brucker
Gustav Dahl
Benjamin Hofinger
Roman Lukš
Monika Minichberger

Jam site (
Gustav’s website