BadUX door at Masaryk University

The Door at the Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University is a good example of #BadUX. Specifically, the “Norman Doors” (affordances design of doors).

It has a large vertical horizontal bar. How would you open such a door?

Pull the handle? Wrong!

It tricks you into thinking that you should pull on it. However, it’s an automatic door. It opens outwards (similarly to doors in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).

What’s even worse is that by pulling you might damage it. I tried to “help” the door to open faster and it made an ugly sound. Person at the reception desk warned me about it.

Don’t pull on the door, you might damage it.

– someone at the reception desk

Thanks for the warning but the door “sound design” already took care of the warning for you!

What’s the reason behind this #BadUX?

Was the door originally designed to be opened manually and later retrofitted with a motor?

Why not remove the handle?

Why confuse visitors?

Rant over.

Are you interested in actual articles on design? Here is a great one on affordances:


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