Digisemestr #5 (2019-03-23) – Social Networks & Influencers + Mark Ritson

These are my notes from the 5th Saturday of Digisemestr, Thirteen-Saturdays-long study program of Digital marketing. Why Digisemestr? if you find any mistakes, please let me know, thanks!

This lesson was all about social networks, community building and influencers. And guess who stopped by to talk about brand strategy? Mark Ritson! He’s master Yoda of marketing. What an honor! Even though there was a lot of swearing.

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Game Names Analysis and How to Write Product Descriptions

https://fix.pubg.com/ [archive.org]
PUBG viva la transparency – website for public roadmap and bug fixing progress.

Red Dead Redemption 2 lookin’ good.

Fine-grain difficulty setting in the new Tomb Raider game (individual combat, exploration and puzzle difficulties).

Fresh asphalt is sometimes sprinkled with white tiny stones called chip seal for a couple of reasons (one being to provide a highly skid-resistant surface).

Indie Game Marketing Notes by u/chicken_ramen_games

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